About Knowbbies®

Knowbbies® word is formed by combining two words, Knowledge + Hobbies. The brand name "Knowbbies®" is a registered Trademark property of Knowbbies Educational Services Private Limited. Knowbbies Courses & Workshops are broadly divided as Knowledge Workshop & Hobby Courses.

Knowbbies® brand is owned & operated by "Knowbbies Educational Services Private Limited" (KESPL). KESPL is registered under company act in India to provide education related services. KESPL is registered with GST & MCA.

Knowbbies® has conducted classroom trainings in Pune since year 2016. By 2020, we moved completely to video course format, and is loved by thousands of students across India.

Knowbbies® provides software, web & app development services too.

Knowbbies Founders Details

About Knowbbies Founders

Nivedita Deshpande
She is co-Founder & director at Knowbbies. She is passionate paper craft artist at the heart. Her teaching experience spans over 15 years. She is always interested in success of her students. Nivedita is Post Graduate in Computer Management from University of Pune.
Pratik Deshpande
He is co-Founder & CTO at Knowbbies. He is a fulltime - forever software programmer. He is serial entrepreneur in B2C domain. His development & technnology training experience spans over 20 years. Pratk is Post Graduate in Computer Management from University of Pune.