Online Course - Fondant Cake Video Course in Knowbbies App - 1 YEAR Access

Learn the art of Fondant Cake Decoration

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Online Course Fondant Cake Video Course in Knowbbies App - 1 YEAR Access

Important - Enroll to this course only if you know how to bake a cake and how to make ganache. These things are not explained in this course. If you have never baked a cake and never done whipping cream decoration then please enroll for Birthday Cakes Baking & Decoration Video Course prior to enrolling for this Fondant Course.

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In the FONDANT CAKE Video Course, you will learn this animal themed Cake:

1. Introduction to readymade fontant & its handling.

2. Introduction to tools and items needed for fontant cake.

3. Cake coating and covering by fondant.

4. Making of shapes & objects.

5. Do's and dont's in fondant cake making.

6. Homemade Fondant is not taught. It is not recommended for professional fondant cake baker.

7. Fondant cake course shows one cake decoration, picture of the cake is given below. It is animal theme cake.

8. Our objective is to teach you techniques of fondant handling and cake decoration.

Online Course For Fondant Cakes Decoration. Fondant online course.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


1. Notes will be shared with you as a pdf file.

2. Video course is available in pre-recorded video format.

3. You will get 1 year access to the videos in Knowbbies Android App. Not available for iPhone.

4. You can ask questions only in the chat. Chat link will be shared once you enroll for the video course.

5. Raw material information is included.

6. Language in the video course is easy to understand Hindi. Notes PDF file is in English.

7. Course fees does not include cost of raw material.

8. Course Completion Certificate will be issued in digital format. Process to get certificate is mentioned in the notes PDF.

9. Video file will not be shared with you.

10. There is no refund once fees is paid.

11. Ensure that you mention correct and valid email ID on this page. A wrong email ID will delay the process of giving course access to you.

12. At any point of time, you can reach us at


Knowbbies has taught over 4000+ students since year 2016 at our Pune Training Center & 10,000+ have enrolled for Various Video Courses.

After practice, you can start taking cake orders.

This is business oriented course for Fondant Cakes.


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Rs. 799/-

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Rs. 799/-

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