Online Course - Online Video Course for 3x3 Rubiks Cube in Hindi - 1 YEAR ACCESS

Learn 3x3 Rubiks Cube

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Online Course Online Video Course for 3x3 Rubiks Cube in Hindi - 1 YEAR ACCESS

Learn 3x3 Rubiks Cube in Hindi

Video Course access for 1 year

Available only on Android
Not for iPhone / iPad.

This detailed online course is made up of 11 videos that will guide you through all steps of solving 3x3 Rubiks Cube.

The 3x3 Rubik’s Cube solving course is designed and presented by Pratik Deshpande who is talented software programmer and trainer by profession. He also teaches various technology topics in embedded designing.

Learn Rubikcs online Video Course in Hindi

Video Course Speed & language:
All the cube moves taught in the video are intentionally recorded in very slow speed so that even a kid of 8+ years age can understand it. Video is in Hindi language for ease of understanding.

Duration of the video course:
These are pre-recorded & properly edited videos for ease of understanding.

Practically 2-3 days are enough to learn and master the techniques taught in this video course.

How to watch the videos?
You need Android Phone with Knowbbies App installed on it. This 3x3 Rubik’s Cube solving video is so much in detail and easy to understand that you should not have any query while learning.

Which cube should I buy?
Buy an entry level 3x3 sticker less and border less Rubik's Cube from general store near you.

Do you provide training notes?
Yes, you will receive pdf copy of colored training notes for your reference.

How to register?
Scroll down and register for this course.
(All payment options including cards, netbanking, wallets & UPI supported)

Why one should learn to solve Rubiks Cube?
Rubik’s cube helps in improving kids concentration and ability to analyse the problem statement. It also helps in boosting their confidence as there will not be many kids around who can solve this 3x3 Rubik;s Cube. Let your kid standout!!!

Kids Training Center for Rubiks Cube


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


1. Notes will be shared with you as a PDF file by email. Mention correct and working email id while enrolling. Notes PDF is in English. Video is in Hindi.

2. Video course is available in pre-recorded video format.

3. You will get 1 YEAR access to the videos.

4. You can ask questions only in the messenger chat.

5. Use any good quality stickerless 3x3 cube with smooth movements.

6. Language in the video course is easy to understand Hindi.

7. You need patience to learn this. Go step by step.

8. Video file will not be shared with you. Watch course videos only on Androind phone in Knowbbies App. 4G internet required.

9. This Course is available only for Android Phone Users in Knowbbies Android App. Not available for iPhone / iPad users.

10. Install Knowbbies App from playstore.

11. There is no refund once fees is paid.

12. After you make the payment to enroll for the course, you will have to check your email. You will get email instantly after you enroll for the course. This email will explain you further procedure to access the course. This email will also have pdf file attached.

13. Ensure that you mention correct and valid email ID on this page. A wrong email ID will delay the process of giving course access to you.

14. At any point of time, you can reach us at


If you have any further question before enrolling for this course then please do use Facebook Messenger to chat to us. Just tap this link to chat with us :

Your questions regarding the course will be answered only on Facebook Messenger.

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