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Premix Making Video Course (Pre-Recorded)

Learn Online - Premix Making & cooking restaurant style punjabi dishes from it

Premix Making Video Course (Pre-Recorded) Classes in Pune

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 Pure Veg Premix Making Video Course


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Offer Price Rs. 749/-

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Regular price Video Course is Rs. 1800/-


 Premix shelf life is 6 months in refrigerator

 No added preservatives

 Premix help reduce cooking time. Save time. Quick Cooking.

 Cook punjabi dishes just like restaurant using Premix

 Premix are in demand by those staying away from home

 Ease of cooking

 You can sell these premix, good home business idea

***** Please read FAQ section below before you buy this course


 Premix making course has one video of about one hour duration. It covers everything that we teach in our 4 hours session at Pune center. Video is well edited, and everything is well covered. Our students have started home business & small scale manufacturing based on this learning.



What you will learn?

Notes pdf contains Premix Making recipes:

  • Biryani Premix making recipe
  • Brown Gravy Premix making recipe
  • Exotic Gravy Premix making recipe
  • Golden Gravy Premix making recipe
  • Green Gravy Premix making recipe
  • Orange Gravy Premix making recipe
  • Red Gravy Premix making recipe
  • White Gravy Premix making recipe
  • Naan Roti Premix making recipe

Notes pdf also contains Cooking recipes using premix:

  • Palak Paneer in Green Premix Gravy
  • Alu Palak in Green Premix Gravy
  • Hariyali Kofta Curry in Green Premix Gravy
  • Corn Cheese Palak in Green Premix Gravy
  • Hariyali Paneer Mix Veg in Green Premix Gravy
  • Mutter Paneer in Orange Premix Gravy
  • Kaju Curry in Orange Premix Gravy
  • Veg Kolhapuri in Red Premix Gravy
  • Veg Handi in Red Premix Gravy
  • Shev Bhaji in Red Premix Gravy
  • Paneer Tikka Masala in Red Premix Gravy
  • Malai Kofta in White Premix Gravy
  • Navaratan Korma in White Premix Gravy
  • Methi Mutter Malai in White Premix Gravy
  • Paneer Butter Masala in Golden Premix Gravy
  • Mix Veg in Golden Premix Gravy
  • Dum Alu in Golden Premix Gravy
  • Veg Exotic in Exotic Premix Gravy
  • Pasta in Exotic Premix Gravy
  • Chole in Brown Premix Gravy
  • Mushroom Masala in Brown Premix Gravy
  • Veg Biryani in Biryani Premix
  • Naan / Roti using Premix

In the Video, you will see:

  • Discussion & introduction of Premix
  • Discussion of premix making process

In the Video, you will also see cooking recipes using premixes

  • Butter Paneer in Golden Premix Gravy
  • Chole in Brown Premix Gravy
  • Methi Mutter Malai in White Premix Gravy
  • Palak Paneer in Green Premix Gravy
  • Pasta in Exotic Premix Gravy
  • Veg Handi in Red Premix Gravy
  • Roti / Naan using Premix
  • Veg Biryani using Premix

Based on this learning you can easily make recipes that are mentioned in the notes.




FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


  1. Notes will be shared with you as a pdf file. You will get notes pdf instantly as you complete the payment. We have software system that handles it automatically. Do check spam & updates folders in your email inbox.
  2. Video course is available in pre-recorded video format.
  3. You will get lifetime access to the video.
  4. You can ask questions only in the chat. Chat link will be shared once you buy this video course
  5. Raw material information is included.
  6. Language in the video course is easy to understand Hindi. Notes PDF recipe file is in English.
  7. Course fees does not include cost of raw material.
  8. **** Very important : This course is for those who want to learn for self use and to take small customized premix orders, making it from home. This course is NOT suitable for commercial manufacturing. We have made this course so that you can make premix by hand in small quantity for your own consumption and you can also sell them in small quantity.
  9. Video file will not be shared with you. It is not downloadable.
  10. You can watch the video using login password for lifetime.
  11. Raw material is available in all cities, hence there is no need to share contact info of material suppliers.
  12. You can access video through mobile, laptop, PC, tab having 4G connection.
  13. There are no preservatives used in making these premix. Shelf life of these premix is 6 months in refrigerator.
  14. There is no refund once fees is paid.
  15. After you make the payment to enroll for the course, you will have to check your email inbox, spam & updates folders.This email will also have pdf notes file attached.
  16. Ensure that you mention correct and valid email ID on this page. A wrong email ID will delay the process of giving course access to you.
  17. At any point of time, you can reach us at info@knowbbies.com


If you have any further question before buying this course then please do use Facebook Messenger to talk to us. Just tap this link to chat with us : https://m.me/knowbbies


Kindly do not Whatsapp or call any of our contact number to ask any query.


Your questions regarding the course will be answered ONLY on Facebook Messenger Chat.

Knowbbies has taught over 4000+ students since year 2016 at our Pune Training Center.

We have created "Premix Making Online Video Course" for people outside Pune.

This is business oriented course gives you complete information about premix making process without using any preservatives.

Student Reviews

What KNOWBBIES students have made after learning from this course?

(They have designed based on learning & their creativity, their designs need not be taught in the course. Check above section to read details of what exactly taught in the video course.)
Online Course in Delhi For Premix Making Video Course (Pre-Recorded) in Hindi
Swati - Delhi

This Gravy premix course is really worthy. As it saves my time a lot.. Thanks Knowbbies

Online Course in Mumbai For Premix Making Video Course (Pre-Recorded) in Hindi
Rushali - Mumbai

The course was really good, The premix saved a lot of time and gave restaurant style taste..it was just super.

Online Course in Pune For Premix Making Video Course (Pre-Recorded) in Hindi
Shraddha - Pune

Premix making class khup chan hota. Ani jya veli kahi questions vicharle tyaveli tyachi detail madhe ans bhetale. Premix test khupch chan ahe.

Rs. 749/-

Rs. 1800

Premix Making Video Course (Pre-Recorded): Image Gallery

Premix Making Video Course (Pre-Recorded) classes in Pune
Premix Making Video Course (Pre-Recorded) classes in Pune
Premix Making Video Course (Pre-Recorded) classes in Pune
Premix Making Video Course (Pre-Recorded) classes in Pune
Premix Making Video Course (Pre-Recorded) classes in Pune
Premix Making Video Course (Pre-Recorded) classes in Pune
Premix Making Video Course (Pre-Recorded) classes in Pune

Rs. 749/-

Rs. 1800