Our User Friendly Refund & Cancellation Policy

Knowbbies Educational Services Pvt Ltd provides various courses in video format as well as in classroom format. Our refund & cancellation policy is as below:

Our Refund & Cancellation Policy For Online & Video Courses

Knowbbies Educational Services Pvt Ltd provides various courses in online video format. This policy is applicable only to online video training programs. Our refund & cancellation policy is as below:

  • Refund policy : There is no refund possible for any online video course.
  • Cancellation policy : Video Course can not be transferred to anybody.
  • Download policy : Videos are not downloadable. You have to watch them inside a secured login.

Our Refund & Cancellation Policy For Physical Classroom Training Sessions at Pune Training Center

  • Refund policy - We provide customer saisfaction guarantee. After attending the training session at our Pune training center, if you find any difficulties in implementing the knowledge or have any doubts then you can attend our next session free of cost. During repeat session, you will not get any carry home items. The repeat session is only to clarify your doubts. You will have to make yourself available to attend the repeat session as per the training calender planned by us. Knowbbies reserves the rights to decide date & time of future sessions. Normally the training sessions are repeated once every month. After attending five repeat sessions, if you still find yourself unsatisfied then we will refund your 100% fees.
  • Cancellation Policy (Cancellation by student) - After online booking, if you are unable to attend the trainng session for any valid reason then you may attend the next session of the same topic or adjust the amount for any other topic by making payment of difference in fees if any. You must communicate your unavailability for the said batch atleast 2 days prior to the training day. In case you fail to inform us 2 days in advance then you will not be allowed to attend the next session and your paid fees will not be refunded.
  • Cancellation Policy (Cancellation by Knowbbies) - In rare situation, if Knowbbies training is cancelled, then you have option to take back your 100% fees or attend the next training session or adjust the payment towards training session of other topic by adjusting the difference in fees.

This policy is not applicable to onsite corporate training programs conducted by us at customer premises. Refund policy for corporate training is govern by the agreement between KESPL & the client.

If you have any queries about our refund & cancellation policy, do contact us at :
Email : info[@]knowbbies.com
Address: 205, Decision Tower, Next To CityPride, Satara Road, Pune 411037 India