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Want to become professional home baker in Pune?

baking courses in Pune

Do you love to watch TV serials that showcase designer cakes?

Do you love aroma of baking?

Do you wish to bake for your family?

Do you want to be a professional home baker?

If answer to any of the above question is yes, you are reading the most perfect page I have written especially for friends like you. I am Nivedita, CEO at Knowbbies.

To become a home baker, you need to have multiple parameters as described below:

  • Cakes are piece of art, so you need to be creative and artistic.
  • Cakes are colorful, so you need to understand color combinations.
  • Cakes are tasty, so you need to learn the cake baking & decoration.
  • And finally to sell anything now a days, you need to be active on social apps and sites like facebook, instagram, whatsapp etc

Baking is not just limited to birthday cakes. Baking is very much wide & in-depth topic to study. Baking products like Cupcakes, Cookies, Teatime Cakes, Fondant Cakes, Bread & Khari are some of the examples you can make and sell from your home.

cake diploma in pune

Planning to switch your career to baking?

This will be certainly a good move, but don’t switch your job without a good training in baking and having some hands-on experience of making few cakes. I suggest you to start with learning Birthday Cakes and try them at your home for your family.

Share the beautiful birthday cakes you will make initially with your friends and neighbours. Study their feedback and also understand how you personally are able to enjoy the process of baking & icing the cake. Your happiness in baking new cakes and decorating them with new designs everyday is very much important.

Check if your are happy at the end of the day after putting efforts in making lovely birthday cakes. During this initial testing & tasting phase, don’t look at the profit levels.

cake courses in pune

If you get good confidence of making customized cakes for your family and friends then you can seriously start spreading word about your new activity. Congratulations you have just started a home baking business. Use all possible social media platform and their individual features like story, status, groups, pages etc to keep your prospective customer busy thinking about you.

Remember, everybody around you celebrates his or her own birthday, and your cakes are needed everyday for someone or other. Thus keep spreading your information and you will start getting enquiries for customized cakes.

baking courses in pune

Once you get good hold on birthday cakes making you may think of learning cupcakes & various cake toppers. Cupcakes are in great demand. They are always ordered in bulk quantity or 50, 100, 200 and so on. You can learn advanced techniques to decorate cupcakes.

Cake toppers will enhance look and feel of the birthday cakes. You can charge premium cost to your cakes just by adding additional toppers.

cake baking classes in pune

Learning Fondant Cakes is the next level for you so that you can cater to more customers who are keen to have theme cakes e.g. makeup kit cake, animal theme cake etc

fondant cake class in pune

Finally you can add more products like Cookies, teatime cakes, break & khari. There is a niche customer segment who only buy home based cookies, teatime cakes and breads. With your experience of selling birthday cakes, you will be able to find this niche customer segment. Ensure that you undergo proper training for Cookies Baking, Teatime Cakes Baking and learn various bread making techniques.


We started Knowbbies in year 2016, and since then we have taught various baking courses to 3500+ students. Do check Knowbbies monthly training schedule so you wont miss out on the training dates.

Baking training in Pune

About Investment and equipments:

Investment to start making birthday cakes is very much low. You need to have OTG (not the microwave). If you don’t have OTG, then you may also bake cakes in pressure cooker. During the training of birthday cakes baking at Knowbbies we explain all these techniques. If you plan to buy OTG, we suggest you buy a 52 liter model which can bake 2 cakes at a time. You may opt for a smaller OTG if you plan to bake just one cake. Bigger OTG will be useful if you plan to bake and sell cupcakes. Next you will need is electric beater.Some additional accessories like cake stand, knife, moulds & nozzles are needed for baking & decorating the birthday cake.

Baking training in Pune

Make the right choice to become a full time or part time professional baker managing your job and family. Baking is lucrative career option as well as it gives you feeling of deep satisfaction of creativity. We have seen so many success stories of students who have done baking courses at Knowbbies, they are always inspiring for us as well as for friends like you who are thinking of baking as second or secondary career option. You never know, if you put your heart and soul into it, it might turn out to be your first and major career option in future.

All the best !!

Nivedita Deshpande

CEO, Knowbbies Educational Services Pvt Ltd

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